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Welcome to my personal blog Hello Geeky World. My name is Patricia, I am 38 years old and have loved writing since childhood. I started writing articles and reviews online in 2014 for a movie website and after that I decided to start my own blog. After trying that and loving it I set up Hello Geeky World at the end of 2016, because I wanted a new name and look for my own geeky spot on the internet. I still write about movies, series and entertainment, but I also publish personal articles about my hobbies (living history/being creative), overcoming my fears and my autism.

At first, my blog was only available in Dutch, but since april 2019 I also write part of my articles in English. Why? First of all because I wanted to improve my English, secondly because I want to interact with people around the globe and thirdly because now my family in Australia can also read my stuff.

Want to know more about me?

I love Star Wars, movies with monsters and aliens in it, documentaries, nature, black and white photos, rockbands and pizza

I don’t like musicals, guitar solos, minimal techno and peanut butter.

Curious about which movies I watch? You can follow me on Letterboxd to keep an eye on my viewing habits.


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