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Easter -> Movie tips with bunnies

17 April 2019

Rabbits have been beloved animals for years to give a permanent place in stories and films. Think of stamper in Bambi, Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh, the famous Bugs Bunny and the iconic stressed white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. I thought Easter was the perfect moment to list the nicest and most special films with bunnies in it for you.

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is a special and somewhat older film and one of my personal favorite movies of all times. In this film, protagonist Donnie has a special imaginary friend in the form of a mysterious person in a rabbit suit named Frank, who tells him that the world will soon come to an end. The teenager, who is rather confused mentally, is incited by this mysterious rabbit to engage in a series of crimes after he has narrowly escaped death after a bizarre accident. With actors like the brilliant Jake Gyllenhaal as main character Donnie and supporting roles from his sister Maggie, Patrick Swayze, Noah Wyle and Drew Barrymore, you can speak of a interesting and versatile cast. This film is weird, dark, humorous, but above all brilliant and original. Which genre Donnie Darko falls into is a bit difficult to describe. I would say that you can prepare yourself for a thriller with a lot of mystery, a hint of science fiction and in which time travel and growing up play an important role.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

People who are thirty years or older probably have seen this classic from 1988 before. Since the lead actor in Who Framed Roger Rabbit is an animated rabbit, this movie really had to be on this list. This was especially a brilliant animation/live-action combination film for it’s time and it made an impression on a lot of people. Even today, people cosplay the iconic character of Jessica Rabbit on events like Comic-Con.

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Wallace & Gromit are the two iconic clay characters brought to life by the English company Aardman Animation. After winning several Oscars with their short films about the comical duo consisting of the not too clever Wallace and his loyal dog Gromit, the studio made Chicken Run. This was their first long film that was shown in cinemas all over the world. It was a great success and it inspired Aardman to also make a feature film about their favorite duo. In Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, the two run a company that fights pests in an animal-friendly way. This is not about animals like insects, but about hundreds of rabbits that ravage the city in the run-up to a big vegetable competition. To prevent the cute little animals from eating all the vegetables that are grown with love by the townspeople, Wallace invents the Bun-Vac 6000. This enormous vacuum cleaner is able to suck rabbits out of their holes, without damaging the land of the owners. However, Wallace goes a step further, because he wants to change the rabbits’ way of thinking about vegetables with a hypnosis helmet. Of course, this experiment fails, with a lot of funny scenes as a result. Wallace & Gromit are a wonderful duo and besides that, this film is funny and entertaining for young and old and the clay animations are beautiful to watch.

Already seen this movie and want to know more about it? The making off clip below is definitely worth to take a look at if you do.

The Last Mimzy

In The Last Mimzy not a real rabbit, but a cuddle rabbit has an important role. The film is about the two children Emma and Noah who find a mysterious box containing a series of strange things, including a cute stuffed animal. What appears to be innocent toys, give the children extraordinarily high intelligence and powers, causing strange things to happen. The Last Mimzy is an entertaining and heart-warming science fiction drama in which two cute children play the lead roles. Although this film is far from perfect, the story and execution are original and special enough to give it a change.


Although Hop is not a great movie, it is a children’s film that revolves entirely around Easter and especially around the Easter Bunny and therefore belongs in this list. The animated film Hop is about the small rabbit E.B., who is as the son of the Easter Bunny supposed to take over the duties of his father. E.B. however, has completely different plans and dreams and wants to become a drummer in a band. Since his father does not like this plan at all, E.B. goes, without telling anyone, to Hollywood to make his dream come true. The first person he bumps into in the big city is twenty-something Fred, who himself has just been thrown out by his parents. Fred is job hunting and has no time handling a continues talking rabbit that contributes to his chaotic new life.

What makes this film different from most animated movies is that it contains parts that are fully animated, but also parts in which real actors interact with the animated figures. Although the techniques to make that happen were already quite good in 2011, not everything seems equally credible. Luckily the actors are doing well considering the fact that they had few real-life opponents, so that is a good thing. Hop is entertaining for children and adults, but is mainly focused on the little ones.


Last but not least I want to put a smile on your face with an amazing Pixar short in which a naughty rabbit plays the lead. This magical mini film, which you can see below, was shown in cinemas in 2008 prior to the brilliant Wall-E. It is also on the DVD and Blu-ray of this film.

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